The Knox Recovery Court is one of the oldest problem-solving courts in Tennessee. We were among the first 12 Tennessee Recovery Courts who were invited to apply for certification. The certification process was very in-depth and took the majority of early 2008 to complete. Included in this process was that the drug court’s policies and procedures needed to show an understanding and an adoption of the 10 key components and benchmarks were met. The Knox Recovery Court was awarded its certification during the opening ceremony of the 5th annual State-Wide Drug Court Conference on September 3rd, 2008.

The certification signifies that the Knox Recovery Court has met or exceeded standards set by the Tennessee Certified Drug Court Program (TCDCP). Recent significant research shows that drug courts who strictly adhere to the 10 key components, such as the Knox Recovery Court, are in and of themselves, evidence-based. Meaning we successfully accomplish our mission by reducing crime in Knoxville/Knox County and helping those addicts caught up in the criminal justice system to recover. For more information on evidence based problem-solving courts, click on the link by Doug Marlowe, J.D., Ph.D.